Brent Panther

Software Developer


About Me

I'm an software developer currently living in the west suburbs of Chicago. I am a skilled Android developer, having written several apps currently available on Google Play. I'm also an expert in J2EE development including building web applications and web services. I am first and foremost a problem solver. My strength is taking ideas, building on them, and making them happen.

I grew up in southeast Iowa and I graduated from the University of Iowa in 2007. I've worked as a developer for the University of Iowa Hospitals, State Farm Insurance, KeyLimeTie LLC, and Lextech Global Services.



I received my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of Iowa in May 2007.


Professional Summary

  • Skilled Android developer with experience in design, development, testing, and submission of Android apps supporting version 2.1 through 6.1, with several Android apps published on Google Play.
  • Strong background with many widely used Java tools including MVC web frameworks, application/web servers, as well as knowledge of proper object oriented design principles.
  • Java/J2EE developer with 9+ years experience, including project work involving large N-tier applications with asynchronous communication.
  • In depth knowledge of many database systems, writing efficient SQL, and designing and optimizing databases.
  • Experience working in an Agile environment, including iterative development and continuous integration.
  • Experience with fundamental web technologies, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery.
  • Partial knowledge of Amazon Web Services such as EC2 and S3.
  • Hard worker with enthusiasm for technology and passion for learning new things.


  • Languages: Java (& Android), SQL, Python, Groovy, JavaScript
  • Android Libraries: RxJava/RxAndroid, Retrofit, EventBus, Butterknife, Retrolambda, Picasso, IcePick, OkHttp, Ion
  • Web Technologies: REST, SOAP, JSP, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, HTML, XML, JSON, AJAX
  • Web Frameworks: Spring 4.0, Hibernate, Stripes, Struts, Django
  • Databases: SQLite, MySQL, Postgres, MS SQL Server, DB2
  • Source Control: Git, Mercurial, Subversion, ClearCase
  • Servers: Apache, Nginx, Tomcat, Webspher, Jetty
  • Other: Jenkins/Hudson, EJB, JMS, AWS, Selenium, Ant, Maven, JUnit, EasyMock, Mockito

Work Experience

Lextech Global Services | October 2013 - Present

Technical Lead/Lead Android Developer

As a technical lead, I am responsible for leading development teams in creating client applications. I assist the project owner with technical client communications, mentor junior developers and review code, and am responsible for the technical architecture of the app.

I have mentored interns, interviewed candidates for developer positions, and been involved in many project estimations and ideations to design solutions for potential clients.


  • Improved database performance of an in-house mobile analytics platform.
  • Improved company-wide development processes including improving code quality, evaluating and recommending tools and frameworks, and improving our continuous integration server.
  • Led a number of app rescues to fix issues with clients' existing apps.
  • Led the Android development team to create an application for Sonic Automotive, to browse and compare dealership inventory.
  • Developed an Android app for delivery drivers to track loading inventory onto vehicles and delivering to customers.
  • Built 2 applications for Johnson Controls, which allow users to view and create service requests and manage purchase orders. As Android team lead, I worked closely with the iOS team lead to maintain app parity.
  • Developed the next generation of LexRay mobile apps, a video command center platform that allows access to multiple cameras and video systems.
  • Developed the LexCam app, an application that allows using a mobile device's camera to stream video to the LexRay system.

KeyLimeTie LLC | September 2011 - October 2013

Senior Software Developer

Lead Android developer on several applications:

  • Pekin Insurance - Developed an app that lets customers view policies, claims, and submit new claims.
  • Naperville Running Company - Built an app to view company news and events, which also includes a pace calculator.
  • PartsTown - Allows industry professionals to search and view manuals for restaurant equipment.
  • MojoBistro - Built a platform for creating and publishing Android applications from information entered in the main website. Restaurants could create and manage their restaurants menus, pictures, and other information online and have an always up-to-date custom application created.

Enhancements, maintenance, and problem resolution for the AAA Auto Club Group website, built with a Java web framework and MS SQL Server database, running on Apache and Tomcat. Implemented projects for enhancing the login experience and adding features to the custom CMS framework.

Mentored and trained new mid-level and entry-level Java developers.

State Farm Insurance | May 2007 - September 2011

Systems Analyst

Developed and assisted technical design of a batch application with a team of developers to enhance capabilities of the policy rating engine, allowing actuaries to price premiums more accurately by testing the modification of rating elements across millions of policies.

The software was built to process several million records an hour and includes a web interface with user security and an administrative screen. The application was comprised of multiple EARs communicating asynchronously via JMS and Websphere MQ. Utilized J2EE, IBM PureQuery, Struts, Dojo, JSP/Servlets, RMI, complex DB2 queries, EJB transaction management including message driven beans, OO design patterns, Spring, and JavaMail.

Mentored other developers on the team in a collaborative, Agile environment. Optimized queries, data structures, and code design to improve performance of the application.

University of Iowa Hospitals - Department of Revenue Integrity | May 2006 - 2007

Application Developer

Developed and upgraded applications linked with a MS SQL Server database for use in analyzing hospital claims for anomalies and underpayments.

Found ways of improving productivity through automation of existing tools used by analysts.


Personal Projects

Simple Bitcoin Widget

I developed an Android widget that displays the current trading price of Bitcoin on different exchanges. It supports many different Bitcoin exchanges, themes, currencies, and refresh intervals. It is Open Source available on Github and published on Google Play. It has tens of thousands of downloads.

Google Play | Github

Android Bordered Views

A library that allows a developer to easily specify borders to many common view types without needing to create a custom background. It supports adding borders to specific edges and adding rounded edges.


JQuery Timezone

An exercise in learning to write plugins for JQuery. This plugin converts times that are displayed on a static webpage into the local timezone of the visitor automatically.